Jainil Timber & Hardware Limited (JTHL) is a national company, providing general timber, hardware and construction, renovation, maintenance services, etc. We also manufacturer general furnitures & Fibre Glassed products like boat, water tanks, etc to customer’s nation wide.

With a good annual turnover and major operating facilities throughout Fiji Islands. JTHL employs over 50 people in all over Fiji Island operations. The company comprises four divisions, general timber, general furniture, general construction and hardware – mouldings, fibre glassed products and has a national network of sales and services centres located in Nausori, Nasinu, Suva and shortly will be available in Nadi. Combining national expertise with local customer’s service, JTHL offers value, reliability and innovation. The JTHL brand represents a mark of quality, loyalty and strength.


Is to promote a multi-ethnic and multi-cultural society where all communities have equitable access to opportunities and equal shares in the benefits of development.


Producing high quality, up market finished products and services for our customers this improving our relationship with them while simultaneously building and strengthening the agency reputation.


Is to support the attainment of equitable accesses participation and achievement in life-long education for disadvantages communities in Fiji and to improve the country’s education quality and out comers. And to create enabling environments that increase learning and employment opportunities. Fine touches providing nothing short from excellence

Strategic direction

JTHL continues to focus on general timber, general furnitures and fibre glass industries with a growing focus on value – added, differentiated products. We aim to build a sustainable business in Fiji, while looking to secure access to supplying timber, furnitures, hardware and fibre glass products in lower cost, higher growth regions.

Restoring Success

Our Restoring Success programme, launched in December 2016, is designed to deliver over million dollars improvement in earnings before interest, tax and amortization by the end of 2017. During 2017 we have continued to make good progress and have achieved approximately 60% of our overall target. As well as savings through cost reduction and improved operational efficiency, action plans are also focused on improving our safety record and achieving best in class customer service.


During 2017, JTHL has been a further 24% reduction in the frequency of lost time injuries, a good lead indicator of performance. Health and safety performance will again be major priority during the current year.


As part of its Restoring Success programme, JTHL set out to improve the percentage of deliveries made on time, from 74% in 2014, to 90% by the end of 2017. Significant and sustainable progress has been made in this area, with 85% of deliveries having met this target during 2017.

Market Focused

JTHL is much more than a timber supplier, general constructions, joinery works and furniture manufacturer. JTHL provides general timber, cabinet makers, furnitures (Schools, Household, office & resorts), upholstery, office or house partitions and hardware for construction, renovation, maintenance and etc. We also manufacturer Fibre Glassed products like boat, water tanks and etc to customer’s nation wide. The goal is to become the best timber, hardware and fibre glassed products supplier to the best customers locally and Overseas.


JTHL is a leading timber, furniture manufacturer, hardware & Fibre Glassed products supplier to many of the most successful business and to low income earners. Furnitures, Building and Construction is the largest market sector for JTHL. Having secured a most of the commercial, industrial, retailers, and residential construction material supplier, new opportunities are being explored in areas which show construction growth potential such as residential, health, education and oversea exports.

Research, Development and Technology

JTHL places strong emphasis on the continuous improvement of its services and products as well as on developing high added value products. JTHL has as policy of collaborative products development with key customers in its principal markets and work with research institutes around Fiji in order to develop cutting- edge innovative technologies.


Breaking new ground and collaborating with customers to develop new products and technologies is a field of proven expertise. By combining personal customer service with a creative flair for developing new ideas, JTHL is able to build constructive partnerships which are valued by customers.

Impressive Projects

Proof of JTHL, capability can be seen in some recently awarded contracts such as:

  • Ministry of Education – Schools (Furnitures & Fibre Glassed Boats)
  • Affordable Homes – Our own projects for low income earners through out the country
  • Bio Security Authority of Fiji
  • FBCL – Fiji Education Sector Programme (FESP) EU (Boats, Timber & Hardware)
  • Hilton Resort – Denarau Island (Timber & Hardware)

JTHL Operations

JTHL has operations all over Fiji Islands, including smaller islands. JTHL also has sales offices and services centres located in Nausori, Nasinu, Suva and shortly will be available in Nadi. The goal is to achieve world class standards.


JTHL completed over 1.7 million dollars plus vat projects in 2017, mostly was our own subsidiary company Fijiana Builders & Constructions (Fiji) Limited (FBCL) for there project with EU project to build schools, classrooms, teacher’s quarters, dinning hall, kitchen, dormitories, toilet blocks, furnitures and etc. We also supplied building materials for FBCL’s Affordable Home packages, which is operating nationwide.

JTHL started building furnitures, fibre glass boats and fibre glassed products since 2006. We build Boats, Water Tanks, Shower Tray, Hand basin, Septic Tank, Corrugated Roof, Ice Box, Car Kits, Guttering, and etc. Some of our frequently selling products are as follows:


  • General furniture’s for schools, offices, resorts and most of the leading hire purchases outlets.


  • JW25S – 25 Feet Fibre Glass Boat 620 Metres Length X 1.700 Metre Width X 0.770 Metre Height, 7 Ribs, 2 Seats, Maximum Passengers: 12 People, Recommended Engine Horse Power: 60 – 120
  • JW23W – 23 Feet Fibre Glass Boat 030 Metres Length X 1.850 Metre Width X 0.910 Metre Height, 6 Ribs, 2 Seats, Maximum Passengers: 10 People, Recommended Engine Horse Power: 40 – 120
  • JW23S – 23 Feet Fibre Glass Boat 030 Metres Length X 1.600 Metre Width X 0.740 Metre Height, 6 Ribs, 2 Seats, Maximum Passengers: 8 People, Recommended Engine Horse Power: 40 – 60
  • JW19S – 19 Feet Fibre Glass Boat 860 Metres Length X 1.700 Metre Width X 0.770 Metre Height, 5 Ribs, 2 Seats, Maximum Passengers: 6 People, Recommended Engine Horse Power: 15 – 40
  • JW12S – 12 Feet Fibre Glass Boat 600 Metres Length X 1.400 Metre Width X 0.700 Metre Height, 5 Ribs, 2 Seats, Maximum Passengers: 5 People, Recommended Engine Horse Power: 9 – 30                 


  • 570 Litres Fibre Glass Tank
  • 1150 Litres Fibre Glass Tank
  • 2730 Litres Fibre Glass Tank
  • 5000 Litres Fibre Glass Tank
  • 10,000 Litres Fibre Glass Tank
  • 23,000 Litres Fibre Glass Tank


  • 900m X .0900 Size Shower Tray
  • 000m X 1.000 Size Shower Tray

Our subsidiary company Fijiana Builder & Constructions (Fiji) Limited (FBCL) have started new product called “Affordable Homes” in early 2009. The concept is for One bedroom house, Two bedroom house, Three bedroom house and Four bedroom house and all our home plan packages are approved by insurance council approved engineer. All products are the cheapest and structurally stronger then a kit or prefabricated houses in Fiji. FBCL have received enquiries from over thousands of interested customers who are interested in FBCL’s products. JTHL has bought another company which was located in Nausori who supply all the different types of furnitures, built Ins, Sink Bench, Overhead Cupboards, and etc.

JTHL is a parent company of Tabua Furniture (Fiji) Limited and subsidiary company of Fijiana Builders & Constructions (Fiji) Limited aside from general building contractor, maintenance and renovators with the intention of developing a added value production line to support our general building works, maintenance & renovation, electrical, painting, joinery works, furniture manufacturing, plumbing, boat building which were to be hand in hand with Fijiana Builders & Constructions (Fiji) Limited and Tabua Furniture (Fiji) Limited to finish the above. Since the staff has trained not only to offer excellence but more personalized services with competitive prices. Over the years, JTHL has proven time and time again, its high efficiency rate to promote high quality, up market products, we have manage to build stable clients base line with a number of repetitive firms. Currently everything under Tabua Furniture (Fiji) Limited is operated by JTHL and TFL is a parked /reserved company.

Specialized in general timber general furniture & hardware supplier and fibre glass products manufacturer. Some of our major clients are R.C Manubhai, Kasabias, Toberua Island Resort, Fiji Education Sector Programme (EU), Hilton managed by Denarau Investment Limited, Terry Allen Construction, Sherton, and also our subsidiary companies Fijiana Builders & Constructions (Fiji) Limited and Tabua Furniture (Fiji) Limited. We are also promoting our company’s (FBCL) new concept of Affordable homes, which are affordable from low income earners to middle class income earners. Please find attached is a brochure of our subsidiary company (FBCL). FBCL have finished Hilton Phase 1 in Denarau Island in the year 2006 contracted / hired by Denarau Investment Limited and have build 2 & 3 Bedroom Quarters, Dinning Hall & Kitchen, Single & Double Classroom, Dormitories and etc in Lakeba, Lau, Kadavu, Gau, and Nairai contracted /hired by Ministry of Education and Fiji Education Sector Programme (EU), all the timber and hardware was supplied by our company JTHL.

Corporate Responsibility

We take corporate responsibility seriously. Our results are improving, but we recognize that we still have further work to do. Our objective is world-class performance.

 Health and Safety

An important priority for JTHL is to ensure the health, safety and well being of its employees, contractors, visitors and neighbouring communities. A positive health and safety culture is encouraged which does not tolerate unsafe behavior. JTHL aims to continuously improve safety performance and ensure safe operating practices.


JTHL believes that respect for the environment is critical to the success of its business. JTHL is committed to minimizing the environmental impact of its operations and its products through the adoption of sustainable practices and continuous improvement in environmental performance.

Community Involvement

JTHL aims to contribute positively to the communities around or near to its operations. As well as providing employment for many people, JTHL actively participates in community initiatives and encourages biodiversity and nature conservation. JTHL is also active in stimulating regional employment.

We support cultural, social, educational and sporting activities that contribute to the well – being of residents, both in the immediate vicinity of our sites, offices and elsewhere. Our involvement can take the form of financial support, the provision of material and the time, skills and enthusiasm of our employees.

 JTHL People

JTHL is proud of its national workforce. The company is committed to achieving 100% employee involvement in The JTHL Way and its Continuous Improvement programme. Passionate people are the key to creating value in timber, hardware and boat industries.

 JTHL employees are well regarded in the industry and by customers. They are highly valued, highly skilled and well trained.

JTHL seeks to develop people excellence through creating a stimulating work environment, which is open and fair, providing competitive remuneration and creating opportunities for employees to develop their skills.

JTHL places the highest value on the health, safety and well – being of all employees, on teamwork based on mutual trust and respect, on personal commitment and employee involvement and on conducting business with honestly, integrity and reliability.

JTHL is committed to the training and development of all its employees. For example, training initiatives included support for the Company wide programme of Continuous Improvement, and for the development of apprentices.

As well as initiatives with existing employees, the improvement in the Company’s performance in recent years and recruitments.

Organization and Divisions

Jai Prakash (Mr.)

Chief Executive Officer

Jaivin Group – JTHL, FBCL, TFL, DIL, UIL Health & Safety

Corporate Communications

Corporate Development

Avin Prakash (Mr.)

Executive Director

Jaivin Group – JTHL, FBCL, TFL, DIL, UIL Finance, Mergers & Acquisitions,

Internal Audit, Investor Relations,

Financial Shared Services

Parmila Devi (Mrs.)


Jaivin Group – JTHL, FBCL, TFL, DIL, UIL Auditor
Avinesh Prakash (Mr.)


JTHL, TFL, FBCL Joinery & Furniture Co-ordination
Sanjila Prakash (Mrs.)

General Manager – Jaivin Group

Jaivin Group – JTHL, FBCL, TFL, DIL, UIL Timber, Hardware & Commercial Co-ordination
Mohammed Abdul Khadeer (Mr.)

Manager – Site & Production

JTHL, TFL, FBCL Fibre Glass Products


Swastika Sandhya Singh (Ms.)

Sales & Marketing Manager

Jaivin Group – JTHL, FBCL, TFL, DIL, UIL Sales & Marketing Co-ordination
Monita Priya Lata (Mrs.)

Company Secretary

Jaivin Group – JTHL, FBCL, TFL, DIL, UIL Secretariat

Legal Services


Jainil Timber Hardware Limited (JTHL) has four other subsidiary companies, each headed by a director who is a member of the Executive Committee.


Fijiana Builder & Constructions (Fiji) Limited (FBCL)

Specialized in general building construction, maintenance and renovators. Some of our major clients are Fiji Education Sector Programme (EU) and Hilton managed by Denarau Investment Limited. FBCL also promoting our new concept of Affordable homes, which are affordable from low income earners to middle class income earners. FBCL have finished Hilton Phase 1 in Denarau Island in the year 2006 contracted / hired by Denarau Investment Limited. FBCL have build 2 & 3 Bedroom Quarters, Dinning Hall & Kitchen, Single & Double Classroom, Dormitories and etc in Lakeba Lau, Kadavu, Gau, and Nairai contracted /hired by Fiji Education Sector Programme (EU).

Tabua Furniture (Fiji) Limited (TFL) – Currently operated under JTHL

Specialized in all types of modern furnitures and kitchens. We wholesale it to the retailers and some of the retailers are as follows: Courts Homecentres, MH Homemaker, Rups Big Bear and etc. We also make furnitures for offices, schools and resorts. We can also make furnitures as per customers requirements.

Usavin Investment Limited /Baba Forest

Specialized in mahogany and general timber sawmilling. We are the saw millers of Fiji Mahogany, Hardwood, Damanu, Treated Kauvula, Treated Kaudamu, Treated Pine, Treated Semi Hardwood and General Native and Exotic Species of timber. We only do wholesale to the timber yards and hardware retailers.

Design Innovation Limited

We do bus seat advertising, annual reports, handbooks, magazines, corporate, strategic, business plans, newsletters, catalogues, brochures, pamphlets, logo designs, package designs, press ads, calendars, posters, flyers, desk pads, signage, offset & commercial printing, etc.


Care has been taken to ensure that this information is accurate, but Jainil Timber & Hardware Limited (JTHL), and its subsidiaries does not accept responsibility or liability for errors or information which is found to be misleading.

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